Gender: Male
Race: Satyr
Alignment: CN
Class: Warrior

Lvl: 5
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 140 Lbs
Age: 25

Racial abilities
+2 Bonus on Suprise rolls, Opponents a -2 Penality to suprise rolls
Infravision to 60 Feet
50% resistant to Magic

AC: 10

Hit/Dam adjustments & notes:

Str: 17 Hit +1 Dmg +1 Allow 110 Press 225 Doors 10 BBLG 13%
Dex: 14 Surprise 0 Missile 0 Defense 0
Con: 12 Hp 00 Shock 80% Res 85% Poison 00 Regen 00
Int: 15 Lang 4
Wis: 9 Mag. Def. 0
Chr: 9 Hench. 4, Loyalty 0, React 0

Languages: Common,

Weapon profs:


Ambidextrity (no penality for first hand) (-2 for second hand)
Two Weapon Style (Combined with ambidextrity 0 penality for use with both hands/ carry 2 weapons of the same size)
Proficient with Katana
Specialization of Katana
Proficient with Martial arts

Swimming (str)
Hunting (wisdom)
WeaponSmithing (Int)
BlackSmithing (Str)
Tumbling (dex)
Tracking (wis)
Navigation (int)

Saving Throws



Weapons/Location on person:


Magic Items


Smith is a Dangerous Antagonist, when very young smiths whole band was eradicated with extreme predigest. a Wolfwere disguised itself as one of smiths band and as he took out his fiddle to join the celebration smiths band was eradicated, smith was far enough away from the traveler and was unaffected from his song, smith fled from his camp emotionally destroyed from said events. after about 2 days of travel with nothing smith collapsed. picked up by eastern travelers also looking for a new start for being shamed from there community after crafting a faulty weapon for an emperor, the couple was cast out to never return. this couple picked up the near death satyr child and nursed him back to health. the couple took in the boy.

the couple settled in a town and set up there smithy. once the boy was strong enough he was instantly drawn to the art of weapon making. the male smith started to teach the young satyr all about his specialty katana crafting. smith spent from when he was 3 till he was in his early 20’s training with the elder weaponsmith learning the art of crafting weapons the elder also showed young smith all of the arts he knew, usage of said blade, and the unarmored skill of eastern fighting known as martial arts. the elder weaponsmith was a warrior from the far east known as a samurai.

smith drilled everyday training on making blade’s using them and fighting, until one day when the town protector was looking for a new weapon for an issue with goblin’s pillaging some outerlaying home’s, the protector saw the skill from this young smith and requested his assistance with this problem. at first thought he ignored him and went back to his blade craft, once he went on to say that family’s were being slaughtered he flashed back to his childhood and grabbed his blade and was ready for action. the protector noticed the blade that the young smith was working on,(some combination of the folded katana with sarated rear end and a reverse hook at the tip but was still the folded steel technique.) what’s that he asked. o just somthing i have been fiddling with, havent tested it out yet. “do you mind” he asked. please do smith replyed. after swinging it around for a while made contact with a metal hanging rack for other blades. the blade was pretty strong, the protector asked to have young smith test it out with him. young smith grabbed his traditional katana and started making contact with the protectors blade. when they were both satisfyed they sharpened the blades and were off.

smith saw the goblins and galloped off ahead and single-handedly took care of all 8 of them. by the time the protector got there he had a scratch on his arm. the protector didint even get to test out the blade. everytime the protector needed help from then on he would request the assistance from young smith. the protector was so enthused with his new blade between protection runs and smithing new unique hybrid eastern/western blades. smith had little time for much else.

elder smith was so proud of his young prodigy that he too started creating hybrid eastern/western blades. to allow smith more free time, though he would just use it for training. the young smith so driven to be as skilled as he possibly can between hand to hand combat and with weapons.


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