Game of Chickens

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Party unity? Never heard of it!

Chickens and Shaghorn are out front sitting on the wet ground. Russellbob is moping about aimlessly out front by Chickens. Podmidor is staring into the ashes of the fireplace glumly, reflecting on how quickly Tomas was slaughtered. Turqeel comes in, walking quietly and slowly. When Podmidor sees him, he notices that Turqeel’s head is bleeding. “Your friend needs to know how to treat people,” Turqeel grumbles. Podmidor looks at him, puzzled. “O…k…” and then goes back to his glum staring at nothing.

Shaghorn and Chickens discuss future plans. Turqeel comes out and sits in the door way near to Russellbob. His head is healed.

Realizing that no one has eaten since the day before, the group decides to sit for a meal. Chickens refrains from eating anything, instead sitting deep in depression.

Shaghorn heals Rorek and Podmidor, then tries to get the group to go investigate the ogres that the kobold spoke of. Shaghorn wishes Chickens to do it to protect his village, but the group wants to do it for pay. Shaghorn offers to provide some healing potions, but the group is undecided. Russellbob is willing to go whichever way the group goes, seeing how he’ll most likely ride along on someone’s backpack anyways. Shaghorn leaves to head back his temple. The group goes in to further question the kobold, but find it dead in the chair, slack against the ropes binding it.

As the group debates on next steps, Froderick and Turqeel toss verbal jabs at each other, and the argument becomes quite heated. Disgusted with the party infighting, Russellbob screams “I HATE WHEN MOMMY AND DADDY FIGHT!!!”, and stomps away in adorable irritation. Finally Froderick threatens to kill Turqeel the next time he speaks. Turqeel offers Rorek half his share of any treasure that is acquired if he will provide protection from Froderick. Froderick tries talking Rorek out of defending Turqeel, suggesting instead that they get rid of Turqeel, and all can divide his share. Rorek thinks it over for a moment, then gives Froderick a steely glare, and says,…“Ye know ye could kill the little man and there’s nothing he could do about it. Hardly seems fair to not let a man speak who’s not tryin to hurt ye.” Froderick gives up in frustration. Froderick gives Chickens the dagger that Turqeel tried to remove from Tomas’ body.

Meanwhile, Cues and Pod bicker over the helm and spellbook that Tomas had in his backpack. Podmidor wishes to inspect them, while Cues doesn’t trust him at all to give them back. Froderick has to intervene in the argument, and finally Cues lets Podmidor inspect Tomas’ Helm of Teleportation. Podmidor doesn’t think a novice such as Cues should hang onto such a powerful item, and elects to keep it. This starts more arguing. Finally, a deal is reached in which Podmidor gets to keep both the helm and Tomas’ spellbook, under the condition that Cues gets his gem back, and Podmidor legitimately helps Cues learn the spells in the book.

No headway is made on deciding on next steps.


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