Game of Chickens

The Most Planned Out Kobold Extermination In History

I wonder if Orkin goes through this each day before dispatching their vans.

Chickens finally comes out of his stupor and realizes that he has a female body and inadequate clothing. He decides that this is an unacceptable combination, considering the pigs that he travels with. One Remove Curse and one donated clerical robe later, he is back in business.

The party gatheres enough sand for Tomas to cast Polymorph Any Object on, converting their harvest to one big pile of smokepowder. He also casts this on some water to add to the lamp oil donated by Shaghorn. Eighteen medieval grenades are thus lovingly created.

Upon arriving with the cart at the launching gnomeflinger, the party finds five tinkers that had decided to volunteer their services to help eradicate this stubborn kobold foothold in their village. Enter Keegan Eldersnoot, Girvin Rumblebeard, Tomlin Bashmantle, Cerin Kneefoottoe, and Lorcin Jones. Keegan has a new invention he would like to try. It is essentially a rifle barrel with a miniature catapult built on the top of it that fires sling stones. Inside the barrel are many gears and other tinker deemed necessities.

The group plans. And plans. And plans. Then plans a little more.

The group has finally come up with a plan that they are satisfied with and is now poised to take their homemade explosives beyond the site of their recent budding forest fire directly to the kobolds themselves.


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