Game of Chickens

Kobolds, Kobolds, Kobolds

A guest tracks mud in the house, and the tide takes an ugly turn.

Russellbob and Tomas are still waiting for the rest of the group to return in the tinker’s house that the kobolds had inhabited. The rain is still coming down in buckets, and the only thing holding back the overcast dreariness of the day is Russellbob’s sliver of wood that has had Continual Light cast upon it. As they sit, passing the time, they hear a scratching at the front door. Tomas hides the Sliver of Light, while Russellbob tries unsuccessfully to quietly hurry down the front hall into the pantry/kitchen to look out the front window. The front door bursts open, and a kobold falls into the entryway. Leaving a trail of water and mud, it drags itself down the front hall without noticing Russellbob. It lies still once it reaches the main work room. It has a horribly burned and broken leg, and part of it’s back is burned as well. It appears to be unconscious, and Tomas and Russellbob debate on whether to kill it, and who is going to do it. Finally, Tomas casts Slow on it and pins it down while Russellbob searches it. The kobold weakly tries to resist. They then elect to close it in the bedroom, and go to try to find where it came from.

We cut to the the rest of the party currently engaged in the ongoing battle with the entire local kobold population. Kobold bodies are beginning to pile up, and the mud is becoming red with the blood from both the attackers and defenders. The fog and rain are so thick that no one can see beyond six feet around them. Party members lose sight of each other, and time slows down to a mass of confusion and chaos as kobolds appear from the white haze and launch themselves at the nearest intruder to their camp. As more kobolds come into the fog bank, they start coming at the party not just from directly ahead, but also in from the sides.

Turqeel heals himself yet again, as the female/toddler combo he’s been chasing escapes from sight in the fog. He can no longer see the rest of the party. Rushing after her, intent on the kill, he suddenly is out in the open. Behind him, and extending for dozens of yards to his left, the fog bank extends toward the center of the crater and kobold camp. The fog cuts many from view, but dozens of kobolds are still visible. To his right, Turqeel spots the female kobold carrying her toddler and struggling to climb the slope and out of the crater.

The rest of the group fights whoever shows up out of the mist. Kobolds are fleeing from Quinton the shadow troll, though several still fall beneath his quasi-real claws. A kobold rushes out of the white blanket at Pod, who caves its chest in with four Magic Missiles. Rorek and Froderick hold their own, but Chickens….

Chickens raises headsplasher and brings it down square on the skull of a kobold in front of him. Its head splashes, true to the weapon’s name, and the head of the hammer is driven down into the kobold’s chest. When he pulls it back to attack the kobold to his left, the kobold he just attacked is still attached to it. Headsplasher is stuck in its chest. The extra weight nearly pulls headsplasher from his hands, and another opposing kobold takes this opportunity to attack. The kobold lunges forward with a rusty short sword, and chickens snaps his head back. If he still had a nose, it wouldn’ve been lost to the sword thrust. Chickens is still desperately trying to dislodge the mighty Headsplasher from the chest of the kobold when another kobold’s nasty, rusted short sword pierces deeply into his torso. Chickens eyes open wide in shock, and he staggers back off of the sword. The warhammer’s head drops to the pile of kobolds in front of Chickens, dislodging the corpse attached to it. Gathering himself, and yelling in rage and pain, Chickens launches forward with the hammer again, but the kobold falls back, and headsplasher sends rain, mud, and blood splashing up over both himself and the kobolds. More kobolds are birthed by the fog, and they go into a frenzy upon sight of a gnome in their camp. Chickens is surrounded. Rorek and Froderick are fighting their way clear of the kobolds attacking them, and Froderick actually makes it close enough to engage one of the kobolds surrounding Chickens…but it’s not enough. Chickens is stabbed in the back and spine by the three spears from behind. His spine is severed, his lung is punctured, and intestines perforated. Chickens eyes widen…headsplasher falls from limp fingers….and he falls into the pile of kobold bodies at his feet, the rain mixing his blood into that of the kobolds in the mud below.

To be continued…

Tune in next time to hear Rorek say, “If that durned gnome is gonna keep getting so many holes, the least he can do is get one I can work with!”


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