Game of Chickens

Kobolds In The Mist, pt 2

What? A WHOLE game night devoted to nothing but constant hack and slash? Is our DM feeling ok?

We begin the night with the party still enveloped in thick white fog, battling with the kobolds that keep charging in. More and more come in as the alarm spreads through the camp. Our heroes can only see a few feet around them between the thick fog and the pouring rain. Time turns into a frantic blur of babbling kobolds, weapons rising and falling, bodies piling on the ground, and blood and rain mixing underfoot to make a red, frothy mud.

Turqeel heals himself from a dire wound, then almost immediately after takes another wound to the chest that is just as bad. A female kobold carrying a little one stumbles out of the mist into the party, and falls down to her rear in terror. In absolute fury, Turqeel attacks her with his shovel, but is unable to get in a good chop due to his chest wound (and the worst die rolls I’ve ever seen. The dice hated Turqeel this night. Seriously, they were that bad. I mean, really, she is sitting on the ground with a crying toddler in her lap, unarmored, and numb with fear. And yet, he can’t get even close to her with the shovel. If anything, he was teaching the kobold toddler how NOT to kill his mother. But ya….we’ll blame the chest wound). The female gains her feet and stumbles away with her toddler screaming in fear, and Turq staggers after her in a fit of rage, weakly swinging his shovel.

Podmidor casts Shadow Monsters and creates a troll that he lovingly names Quinten. To his surprise, not as many kobolds flee from Quinten as he would suspect. Due to its larger size than the rest of the party, the troll is what many of the kobolds see first through the shroud of fog. This draws many to the troll first. Though Quinten begins to kill many outright, only a few flee, and a few others see through the ruse.

Quentin, Rorek (who is also deeply wounded), and Chickens make up the front line as group after group of kobolds come rushing in through the fog, and Froderick backs up whoever needs it. Podmidor stays behind them, casting spells as needed. Turq, behind everyone else, is focusing all his rage on painfully chasing down the terrified toddler-toting kobold mother, and killing her with his acquired shovel.

And still they come…


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