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  • Enlightened in the Dark

    *Wherein Russelbob proves that his dreams are apparently far stranger than any sight in Sigil* (GM) (GM): As you step out into the busy Sigilian street, your eyes start to water as the offensive smog enveloping Sigil irritates them. They day is a cold …

  • Main Page

    [[Character Generation and Overall Game Rules]] [[Resources and Information]] [[Group Quests]]

  • Group Quests

    Find Mandretch - Not completed. Remove Chickens' curse - Not completed. Investigate rabid bear issue in Tinkerhaven - Completed. Investigate kobold attacks in Tinkerhaven - Completed. Investigate ogres in caves stolen from kobolds near …

  • Astranda

    Description: Astranda stands tall at 6'4" as well as thick, weighing around 230lbs. He has long silver hair and pale skin. His eyes are golden and reflect his extra-planar heritage. He travels helmless, allowing all to view his planetouched features …

  • Shade

    1st lvl spell: (6) Chromatic Orb Fist of stone Metamorphose Liquids Murdock's Feathery Flyer Nahal's Reckless Dweomer Jump 2nd lvl spells (2) Knock ESP