Game of Chickens

The Bear Something Something Something

An unexpected trap is sprung.

Froderick, Podmidor, Tomas and Chickens check out the house with the open door. As they cross the front yard, a mangy, obviously diseased bear bursts from the home. During the fight, Chickens is completely covered in a shower of its blood. The blood soaks his clothes and hair, and pours into his exposed septum.

Immediately upon the rabid bear’s dispatch, the real trap closes, as kobolds attack first with spears from the trees, then drop down for hand to hand combat. In the battle, Chickens is at the bears corpse, surrounded by kobolds. In all of his first level badassery, he grabs a spear from over his shoulder from a kobold behind him, and rams it forward DIRECTLY INTO THE FACE of a kobold in front of him. Said kobold discovers that though Chickens can live with a hole in his face, he himself cannot. The kobolds are pushed back, but Podmidor is seriously wounded.

Froderick is furious with Tomas for freezing up during the battle. Russellbob awakens, and convinces Cues to go find Froderick. They take an excruciatingly long trip across the village via pushmobile, and Froderick meets them as he comes back north on a conjured steed, gently cradling a shrunken Podmidor. He is delighted to see that Russelbob is awake, and the party is reunited. Chickens remains behind until his curse goes off again, and then launches himself across the village by gnomeflinger.

A Bird's Eye View

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Turqeel is just brought back from the brink of death, but is too weak to go with the party to the south end of the village to go bear hunting. The group was sent south of village to try to resolve the issue of a rabid bear that is killing gnomes, and were promised by Shaghorn to be resupplied as a reward. Russellbob also stays behind, as does Cues, who is out of spells. Chicken’s drooling and ice saliva curses were removed.

Froderick had his patience tested riding through the village in a pushmobile, which is a horseless wagon with three levers in the front. Two or more gnomes will push the wagon backwards about twenty feet until the clicking noises stop. They then climb into the wagon, and release a lever. The wagon then trundles forward about 30 feet and comes to a halt. The gnomes then climb out and repeat this process. Sometimes, as foot traffic is passing by, other gnomes will cheerfully stop to assist pushing the wagon backward. Froderick’s stomach was then tested by traveling the rest of the way to the south end via gnomeflinger, which is essentially a huge adjustable catapult. After careful calculations involving weight and wind direction are taken into account, travelers are launched to a landing net suspended about 10 feet above the ground. It’s best not to think about those that miss the net.

After everyone arrives safely at the South Landing net, the party works towards the very southern end of the village. They notice that it is a ghost town. There is no foot traffic. They spy a house in the woods with no signs of life, but the front door is open. Tomas catches up to the group as they plan how to best approach the house.

A Pecking Order Established

Hey! Random poultry can be food AND protection!

While waiting for Podmidor to return, Turqeel wanders off, searching through the odd metal debris. While trying to figure out the magic he had just learned, Turqeel tries to cast a simple light spell, and instead finds himself surrounded by chickens. Turqeel, embracing opportunism, starts killing them for food. The party is found by tinker gnomes of the village who are shocked to see Chickens, and his condition. Shaghorn, the wisest cleric of Tinkerhaven asked the party to remove the threat off a rabid bear south of the village. Turqeel and Froderick get into a confrontation over party leadership, and Pod joins in. The remaining chickens come to Turqeel’s defense, and attack Froderick and Pod mercilessly. In the ensuing melee, magic is miscast, chickens are exploded, a blizzard of feathers covers everything, and Turqeel is flung bodily into the crater, where he fractured ribs and punctured his lungs. He remains in a state somewhere between life and death. Seriously, though. It was a LOT of feathers.

Home Is Where The Crater Is

Where Chickens’ outie childhood home has mysteriously become an innie.

After waking up, the party debates about what direction to head. When Ketanja’s death is referred to, Podmidor stomps off. Finally, deciding to go to Chicken’s village in Gnomehome long enough to stock up, the party gathers up a still blissfully sleeping Russellbob, and leaves the mansion. Once outside, they find that the smoking wasteland has now turned into a muddy wasteland. Upon fastening on to Tomas like so many leeches, the party teleports to Chicken’s childhood home, only to find a large, burnt crater where his house once stood. Pieces of twisted metal lie scattered all over the landscape. Chickens is stunned, and tries hard to put together what happened. Podmidor leaves to get supplies, while the rest of the party waits in the crater. Tomas passes the time trying to help Chickens gain an understanding of magic, while Turqeel looks on.

Bye A Nose

Kiss Kleenexes goodbye forever.

We pick up mid-idiocy.

While in Tomas’ extra dimensional mansion, Chicken’s curse caused his nose to rip itself from his face, rocket across the room, and batter itself against the wall. This has left a large hole in Chicken’s face, fully exposing his nasal cavity. This, combined with a condition of constant drooling, and saliva that is always ice cold and freezing solid in his beard, caused Chickens to weep in despair. Empathizing with Chicken’s continuously worsening situation, Tomas offered to assist Chickens in suicide to escape his misery. Finding an inner resolve fed by a desire for revenge, Chickens refused. Turqeel, who is having an issue with his laundry at the moment, has experimented with his bathwater. Night has passed in the mansion, and people have started to wake. Turqeel has tried to heal Chicken’s nose, only to be repaid by having a resurgence of the curse focused directly into his head. The ramifications of this remain a mystery.

The Curse

“Your life shall be filled with uncontrollable chaos. Never shall you remain welcome or find solace again. You will sorrow for all your days.”

Then the casting began…


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