Game of Chickens

Oh Dear

Cynd, you have both your nipples now.

Worthy New Allies

Somebody’s leading somebody

Enlightened in the Dark

Wherein Russelbob proves that his dreams are apparently far stranger than any sight in Sigil

(GM) (GM): As you step out into the busy Sigilian street, your eyes start to water as the offensive smog enveloping Sigil irritates them. They day is a cold, stinging drizzle.

(GM) (GM): This is your first daylight visual of Sigil. You see swords and blades everywhere in the architecture around you. Atop fences, on roofs
You can see the curve of the road on either side of you, as well as to the front and back. Part of the city appears to be a giant, cresting wave over you. You can make out the roof tops and occasional flying entity.
All of this is tinted with a dirty brown smog

(GM) (GM): after gawking for a second at this, Cynd and RB immediately turn to go opposite directions.

Russelbob (Sean): Where are you going cynd?

Cynd (Jeff): stops and looks at RB with a confused dog head tilt
“back where we came from…”

Russelbob (Sean): lol
back where we came from is both directions i think
really starting to hate this place

Cynd (Jeff): oh…ok
starts following RB

Russelbob (Sean): Kewl….
I look for a general store

(GM) (GM): heeheeheeheehee
You see a woman with three things that look like giant earthworms on leashes
She is on the opposite side of the street, hunched in an overcoat. The slime from the worms makes the cobbles sizzle.
Overhead flies something that looks to be a giant manta ray.

Russelbob (Sean) sighs
Russelbob (Sean): this place is weird

Cynd (Jeff): very

Russelbob (Sean): any signs looking hopeful for a general store?

(GM) (GM): As you walk, in the distance, hulking over everything you can see a large marble cylindrical building. The closer you get to it, the more you begin to see tents, makeshift shacks, vendors with tattered blankets spread out on the ground.
You stop to look around next to a sign hanging with words neither of you can make out. The original words are in gold, but the “x” crossing them out and the new scrawled letters are brown.
(GM) (GM): The new letters are in dried blood.
The sign hangs over a free standing arch

(GM) (GM): TROMP TROMP TROMP TROMP. People in the center of the street are making way for the six heavily armored (red armor) soldiers making their way down the street.

Russelbob (Sean) gets up against the nearest building

(GM) (GM): A cup with what looks to be some kind of rodent teeth is attached to the wall of the arch under the sign

RB, you just see the bottom of a cup

Cynd (Jeff): stay with RB standing out of the way, keep an eye out for everyone

(GM) (GM): everyone seems to act a bit nonchalant as they are passing. A mixture of collective “whew’s” and outright sneers of displeasure appear on faces after they’ve passed.
A mosquito with a twisted human face, about 3 feet long is buzzing about when it stops alongside you on the street.

(GM) (GM): RB, you are more concerned on it not carrying you away than anything.
(GM) (GM): Cynd, you are just waiting for more trouble to present itself.

Cynd (Jeff): stupid mosquitos

Russelbob (Sean): any general stores nearby?

(GM) (GM): after studying you two for a moment, without saying a word, it turns and buzzes away rapidly down a street at an intersection.

THis entire place is a market.
You see shop fronts, but can’t reACd any of the signs
You see gems spread out on blankets.
There is shouting from a dirty brown tent across the street. Then a scream.

Russelbob (Sean): hmmmm

Cynd (Jeff): to RB “What do we need? We are low on supplies and my armor is damaged. So theres that…”

(GM) (GM): then blood starts pooling beneath it’s walls out into the street

Cynd (Jeff): remain oblivious to the scream

Russelbob (Sean): yeah im trying to find food type supplies

(GM) (GM): The odor of food is in the air, along with the acrid odor of the smog that is all about.

Ok, you are standing near the arch looking at all that is going on. You see a tall, silver skinned man walking by thinking to himself and counting on his fingers.

You see a halfling…a NORMAL halfling!!! sneak up on a man with a long nose and dark clothes and deftly pick his pocket, disappeaing into the myriad tents before the man realizes

Russelbob (Sean): ooooooh

Cynd (Jeff): a normal regular everyday hobbit?

(GM) (GM): yup, looks like a non antlered, scaled, gilled, weird colored, fanged or demonic Halfling

Cynd (Jeff): nudge RB…“maybe he will know more about what this place is”

Russelbob (Sean): where did he go?

Cynd (Jeff): points at the tent

Russelbob (Sean): mmm
Russelbob (Sean) looks in the tent

(GM) (GM): Ok, you cross the road, stepping around and through the busy throngs, and look in to see the largest red frog you’ve ever seen.
It is wearing a filthy apron, and mixing/beating something into a large stone bowl.

(GM) (GM): RB, you notice the halfling standing stone still in the corner of the tent.

(GM) (GM): THe frog thing grunts at you in a langauge you don’t know

Russelbob (Sean) approach the halfling slowly

(GM) (GM): realizing the gig is up, the halfling steps away from the wall and looks at you warily. He’s got an eye missing, and his head is shaved on one side.

As the frogmanthing is grunting at you, a flayed arm…humanoid arm…bent and broken flops out of the bowl.

Russelbob (Sean): ho friend, i have no quarrel with you
to the Halfling

Cynd (Jeff): keep a protective eye on RB, trying to keep to any shadows if the halfling hasnt noticed me

(GM) (GM): He looks at you with suspicion. A jet black dart is suddently rotating around casually in his hand.

(GM) (GM): He says something in a gutteral, yet overall happy flowing language.
(GM) (GM): The halfling looks at you levely after he says his blabbering

Cynd (Jeff): any idea what the halfling is saying…or just gibberish

(GM) (GM): gibberish

Cynd (Jeff): in elvish…where did you come from?

((GM) (GM): you can make out what dialect it has. His eyes flick up to you in somethin that is almost guarded comprehension. In the most bastardized, horrid elvish you’ve ever heard, he says, “Is look to harmonius um?”

(GM) (GM): What comes from Cynd is the most beautiful flow of words you’ve ever heard. You didn’t reallize him capable of such beauty
What comes from the halfling is a mere shadow of it

Cynd (Jeff): frowny at the terrible attempt the halfling did…

(GM) (GM): The halfling stands with the dart as if he’s not sure whether to flick it or stow it

Cynd (Jeff): “where do you come from?”

(GM) (GM): Something in a rude tone comes out,RB

(To Cynd (Jeff)): YER MARMY’S ARSE!

(From Cynd (Jeff)): frown menacingly

(GM) (GM): THe frog thing stops stirring with it’s bloody implement, and watches very closely.

THe halfling’s one eye narrows, and it throws the dart at the ground between you and RB.

Smoke fills the tent. The frog thing begins croaking loudly in protest

Cynd (Jeff): grab RB and back out of the tent, looking for the halfling escaping that way

Russelbob (Sean) sighs

Russelbob (Sean): joo get anything useful outta him Cynd?

As you are clearing the smoke that somehow is a hair more soothing than Sigil’s air, you notice the mosquito thing is over at the arch where you were inspected by him earlier. With him is a quite tall, extremely thin nearly skeletal humanoid. A single horn curves up from the back of its head.

Cynd (Jeff): not worrying about that yet, do I see the Halfling

(GM) (GM): no

Cynd (Jeff): blast…add him to the list of people to inflict pain on

(GM) (GM): The frog thing, quite huge, suddenly emerges from the smoke and forcibly shoves you away from the tent, Cynd

Cynd (Jeff): he succeeded in moving the bundle of muscle that is cynd?

(GM) (GM): Oh yes

He missed RB due to height

Russelbob (Sean): heightist

(GM) (GM): In your heads, you get a concept of more than words

Cynd (Jeff): right…so other than the stupid halfling, anything else going on?

(GM) (GM): It’s of lunch being ruined and the desire …the threat….to find a new one
This commotion draws the looks of the horned skeleton and the mosquito.

Russelbob (Sean): Well since the halfling was an asshole, I go back to looking for a general store

(GM) (GM): The mosquito looks to the horned skeleton, but the skeleton has already begun walking over in a horrible disjointed gait.

Cynd (Jeff): pretend to not notice the skeleton guy and follow RB

(GM) (GM): Your chest….your burning, throbbing chest.
That is where it’s gaze is.

Cynd (Jeff): sigh
still maintain my avoidance as I follow RB

(GM) (GM): The frogdude is still croaking/threatening as you turn to leave. The next tent over is a black woman wearing a silken sari. The front of her tent is wide open, and vials of liquid are on the table.
Your view of her is interrupted by the mosquito man faced creature lowering into your view. The buzzing of the wings is more than irritating

Cynd (Jeff): so the mosquito is sitting in front of us?

(GM) (GM): Hovering.

Cynd (Jeff): right

(GM) (GM): In your head, you hear, “SO, the Baatezu scum thinks to take it’s plans back to Baator, eh?”

Cynd (Jeff): look around seeing who said that

Russelbob (Sean) looks for the source too

(GM) (GM): What you notice is coming up behind you the red skeletal horned thing.

Cynd (Jeff): does it look like an angry skeleton horn thing

Russelbob (Sean): ah

(GM) (GM): As you meet it’s hollow, vile gaze, a wave of weakness flows through you. You’re knees tremble for a moment before the tremor passes.

Cynd (Jeff): return its gaze staring angry thoughts at it, steeling my resolve.

(GM) (GM): "Why don’t we find a nice place where you can tell us all about that little mark you have and your plans to attack the Tanar’ri.’

Cynd (Jeff): is that in our head or said out loud?

(GM) (GM): in your heads

Cynd (Jeff): allow my angry face to break as I look confused by Tanari

Russelbob (Sean): wisper to cynd… “attack?”

Cynd (Jeff): shake my head in negative

(GM) (GM): The mosquito thing, now behind you starts speaking to you in a drone that gets right to the center of your head. It sounds so peaceful as it talks of skin peeling from living flesh. The comfort of teeth hollowed out consoles you.

Cynd, it sounds mighty peaceful/horrifying, but the fact that it’s supposed to make you sleepy is lost on you.

Cynd (Jeff): so poor little RB is sweeping?

(GM) (GM): so sweepy.

Russelbob (Sean): very adorably

(GM) (GM): Enter the croaking of the frog, in anger.

RB murmers, “Blackpie”

Cynd (Jeff): gently pick up the poor little RB, tell the skull person. Say your peace and quit trying to use your evil magic on us

(GM) (GM): The skeletalish thing radiates anger.

“Foolish mortal. You’ve no understanding of what you’ve become involved in. This is much bigger than your little life, and you’ve thrown your pitiful lot to the wrong side of it.”
His skin glistens as he moves, it’s a red as if real skin has been flayed from him.

Cynd (Jeff): sigh at the thought of having to explain this stupid mark on him

(GM) (GM): It’s mouth, full of jagged teeth takes up much of the lower half of it’s head as it glares down at you.

Cynd (Jeff): we’ve cast our lot with noone, we just want to go home

(GM) (GM): For just the briefest of moments confusion crosses it’s features, then anger.

Russelbob (Sean) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Cynd (Jeff): still whilst holding the adorable sleeping RB

(GM) (GM): “We will find out just how much is true back in the abyss.” And it reaches out to grab your shoulders…and is body chucked from the side.

RB murmres, ‘The only reason the egg fell there is because she wouldn’t stand up. zzzzzz"

The skeletal creature verbally cries out in surprise in a voice smoky with the embodiment of loss innocence and burnt children

The frog thing is recoiling from it.

(GM) (GM): something is causing it pain, but it’s awfully angry.

(GM) (GM): Wow! it’s defending you!!!!!

Cynd (Jeff): or is it trying to stop the angry skeleton from getting his revenge

ANYWHO, use this distraction to disappear into the crowd with RB

(GM) (GM): The skeletal thing lunges at the frog thing with its head down and horn leading the way. THe frog thing actuall is the larger of the two.
The horn punctures the chest of the frog creature, which lets out an agonized scream. The flesh aroud the horn sizzles and burns.

Frog dude then grabs the fiend and hurls him over you, narrowly missing the mosquito thing and crashing down onto the black woman’s table.

The table collapses, the vials shatter, and the fiend shrieks in pain and begins to sizzle.

RB says, “I was never able to fly kites like that. Mom wouldn’t let me have chickens”

Cynd (Jeff): take RB and back away from the situation … unnoticed if possible

The mosquito thing lauches itself at the frog, covering it’s head, and digging at it with its claws.
you are backing away, apparently unnoticed

Cynd (Jeff): yay
Cynd (Jeff): when I get far enough way, gently wake up RB with soothing elvish childrens song and rub his cheek ever so softly
like a baby

You get a really strange look from a one armed dwarf hurrying by

Cynd (Jeff): but when he wakes up make sure i have a gruff tough looking face
cant have him knowing that im being nice

(GM) (GM): CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP The red armored soldiers are rushing toward the fight.
past you on the street

He doesn’t wake
However, he does say, "The only scorpion I ever saw in real life was the one that crawled into Mrs. sanders nightcap.:

Cynd (Jeff): because RB is sleeping….and I assume I’m away from the curfuffle?
(GM) (GM): you can still hear it going on.

(GM) (GM): The mosquito thing has flown, crookedly up higher than the tents and shacks
you can see it from the distance you are at.

Cynd (Jeff): does it notice me?

(GM) (GM): you arent sure

Cynd (Jeff): duck into the nearest doorway anyways

(GM) (GM): oook

(GM) (GM): You rush into a door way, and darkness engulfs you as it closes behind you.
You can see little circles of light spaced around evenly
and murmured voices that grow quiet as you step in

Cynd (Jeff): no body heat?

or its not that dark

(GM) (GM): I think the balls of light would be enough to cancel that out

Cynd (Jeff): ok!

(GM) (GM): BUt the light doesn’t extend far.

(GM) (GM): They are scattered about at a distance that would indicate tables
“Yondiiid boslt”
comes from the darkness

Cynd (Jeff): said nicely or angrily

(GM) (GM): a bit irritated

“Dom nichcci remdo!”

Cynd (Jeff): look around shocked at first

(GM) (GM): “there was so much dust” comes from RB

Cynd (Jeff): then mumble, “oh, isn’t this *mumble”’s tavern?

Another voice, elderly, “You dont speak arcadian, do you? He said you’re supposed to ring the bell before opening the door so we can close our eyes!”

Cynd (Jeff): “no, no Arcadian. What is this place?”

(GM) (GM): The scrape of a fork on a plate from another table.

“This is the Lost Senses Cafe. It’s going to take half the afternoon to get this seared seasnail to taste right again.”

Cynd (Jeff): stand akwardly in silence

(GM) (GM): ’Well, may as well come sit."

Cynd (Jeff): take peaceful mumbly RB and go sit down

Russelbob (Sean) zzzzzzzzzzzzz

(GM) (GM): you have to pick your way very slowly to where you think he is. You do bump into a chair, greatly irritating the diner sitting there. “GRONSINGKI
Finally you get to where you are pretty sure the voice is coming from

Cynd (Jeff): sitting down, “thank you for your kindness stranger, this is a very strange place”

(GM) (GM): “aye…aye it is. I found my way here nearly 50 years ago. I still see something new everyday”

Cynd (Jeff): “I just want to find my way home”

Russelbob (Sean) mumbles area equals pi R squared

(GM) (GM): “Another unwitting prime, eh? How’s you come to be in Sigil? Step through a portal accidentally as someone from the other side was using it? Thats how I got here”

Russelbob (Sean) mumbles mmmmmmm pie

(GM) (GM): "eh? what’s your…baby?…..sayng?

Cynd (Jeff): “a wizard did it”..pause for a moment. "another Prime? You’re from where I am?..pause again… baby?? “oh hes not a baby, hes a brownie”

(GM) (GM): “brownie…Ok…I guess even the prime has new ones for me. That like a pixie? I don’t know. There’s lots of prime worlds.”

“I’m from a place called Krynn. Was that your world?”

Cynd (Jeff): I’m from Callenthia

(GM) (GM): “No, haven’t heard of that one. Sorry”
“I looked for a way home. For awhile. Thought I was in the abyss when I first got here. Took awhile to figure out that there’s a lot more to it than my world knows.”

Cynd (Jeff): “I was told by this beautiful creature of different ways to return home, but it seems that even preparing for a journey is impossible in this place”

Russelbob (Sean) mumbles but mommy i want a puppyyyyyyyyyy

(GM) (GM): “you have to watch your step here. This place is wonderful….and terrible. Treat it like a prison, and you’ll be ok. This…beautiful creature. What made you think you could trust it?”

Cynd (Jeff): a feeling of true goodness, one that I thought only existed in nature
there was no mistaking it

(GM) (GM): “mmph,” he grunts noncommitally. “Lot of primes get here a bunch of ways. Many don’t make it home. Some do. Some stay. Sounds like you’ve had a hard go of it.”

Cynd (Jeff): " to say the least"

(GM) (GM): “Buy an old man a drink, and we’ll talk about this place.”

Russelbob (Sean) snorts loudly and says BOOBIES

Cynd (Jeff): “I would” pausing a moment but in hushed tones..“I have nothing that would work as…uh…currency?..for this place”

(GM) (GM): “You came here with no gold or anything??”

Cynd (Jeff): “like you said, we didnt come here willingly. And many of our possessions were taken from us In addition to many lives of those I travelled with”

(GM) (GM): “So you have a tale then”

Cynd (Jeff): “definitely, but forgive me if I do not wish to share it with an unknown face in the dark. For it is a tale of some magnitude”

(GM) (GM): “Then perhaps we can barter.”

Cynd (Jeff): “go on” as Im talking try to gently rock RB awake
sleepy little fellow

Russelbob (Sean) snorts

(GM) (GM): No response, except for a murmured, “I like the sound of marshmallows”
Russelbob (Sean) mumbles go down 4th…. bang a right…. can’t miss it…. zzzzzzz

(GM) (GM): “the sound of marshmallows,” the old man sighs. A few other sighs from nearby patrons

“I’d like to know how you got here, but not from your eyes.”

Cynd (Jeff): makes a confused sound

(GM) (GM): He sighs. “I didn’t get it either, at first. See, we believe that they eyes tell us TOO much. We miss a lot of information and experience by relying on the most unreliable sensory organ we have.”

‘But tell me how you got here from the other organs. By sound. Smells. Sensations and tastes, if it applies. I think you’ll find it all will."

Cynd (Jeff): “what is your name stranger? And is there a place with less ears around?”

(GM) (GM): “My name is Klorin. I was Klorin the watchman, until I came here. Now I know that watching lets us miss so much.”
“I own a little shack down near the hive ward. Well, it’s mine when I can keep the orphans out of it and the razorvine off of it.”

Cynd (Jeff): “I would be glad to follow you there, I have a strange request first, do you have a cloak or anything which I can cover myself? I fear there may be people looking for me”

(GM) (GM): with that he laughs. “There’s always someone looking for someone here. I imagine if they were all strung together, the last one would be looking for the first. Pity they spend so much time looking.”
“You don’t want to go there, what with the cranium rats and such. I try to stay in better places my self, when I can afford it. This place is safer than you think. No one here knows you by your look.”

Cynd (Jeff): being too tired of running, and hoping that this stranger is as trust worthy as he sounds
retell the story in the manner he was speaking
(GM) (GM): whole story?

Cynd (Jeff): well, the travelling to baator
losing the party members
highlighting Cynds epic things he does obviously
our meeting with Bel
landing in Sigil
People attacking us

(GM) (GM): Ok, briefly, then I need to go as it’s late and 4 am comes early. Describe one of the major things without sight.

Cynd (Jeff): the angel telling us how to fix things
i will describe Bels mark
being applied
first the air around me became overwhelming constricting
as if a massive pressure was being applied, like being too deep in sea
then an intense heat was applied, hotter than any sunlight I’ve felt
Cynd (Jeff): each pore crying out in pain

Russelbob (Sean) mumbles french roast please

Cynd (Jeff): then the sound, the deep reverberations, echoing from your very soul. Driving you to dispair
Cynd (Jeff): his voice took all the happiness and joy from you, crushing you
then the pain
white hot searing pain, each second lasting a lifetime. Knowing that you will never be the same again

(GM) (GM): “You bear this mark now, elf?”

Cynd (Jeff): yes

(GM) (GM): A hand, with a finger missing fumbles its way to you in the dark. “Let my fingers hear it”

Cynd (Jeff): I need an adult!!

but really, let him feel my muscley chest

(GM) (GM): hahaha.

His fingers brush you briefly, then find the mark. He doesn’t trace the mark, but rather leaves it be for a moment before withdrawing.
“Evil cries from your flesh, elf”
’I believe the creature of goodneess has the right of it."

Cynd (Jeff): sigh a sad sigh

(GM) (GM): ok. THe tale you tell takes time. Quite a bit.

“That is an extraordinary tale. What would you have from me in return?”

Cynd (Jeff): “the ability to spread the tale with no fear of being torn asunder, at least at the moment was reprieve enough, almost. However, assistance is procuring new equipment and supplies for our journey would be all I would ask for.”

(GM) (GM): “Surely you know the marketplace would have all you need to equip yourself. If you are low on money, there are a million job opportunities in the Cage.”

Cynd (Jeff): “merely getting to the marketplace has proven to be a challenge. And as neither my friend or myself are versed at all in the way of this land we are a bit lost…personally I loathe this type of civilization.”

Russelbob (Sean) mumbles santa in a fireball

“It took awhile for me to get my feet under me here. I lost a finger to the razorvine my first day! I relish this place. See, the god’s destroyed my world with a fiery mountain before disappearing forever. Only when I get here I find out that there are not just the few gods we worshiped, but a whole pantheon of them!! They destroyed my world!!! But they cannot reach me here! Let that be a lesson, you can find solace in the least expected of places.

Cynd (Jeff): “so you see our plight, will you assist us with our provisions? I believe that removing this mark from our skin is the first step to our journey”

(GM) (GM): “I dont have much jink to my name. But I will find what I can. Do you have any money at all?”

Cynd (Jeff): “I am not sure, my adorable little friend here knows I am from metal pieces is of little value”

Contagious Melee.
All the Fiends of Hell

A grisly way to find the answer to eight minus five.

Always a Setback

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