Game of Chickens

A Party Divided

Well, mostly just one member, really.

Pod has questioned the weakened kobold, which is tied to a chair in the bedroom of a missing and presumed dead tinker gnome. The kobold is mostly healed except for a leg wound too nasty for a Cure Light Wounds spell to totally cure, and its fever from infection is not diminishing. The group stands in the living room/work room trying to figure out next steps while Turqeel and Froderick are off collecting their payment from Shaghorn for removing the kobold threat. It is at this point that Chickens’ curse again bursts forth.

When the magic releases, a mist coalesces in the room. When it clears it exposes beast inspired by the abstract nightmares of a nearsighted schizophrenic. While easily eight feet tall, it is forced to hunch over due to the low ceiling, which is only about six feet high. It’s body is blue skinned and hairless, and its bulk seems to fill the room. It’s cone shaped head has three eyes across its face, lined up vertically in a row. It’s pupils are vertical slits, and purplish colored warts polka dot it’s body. Green scales grow out of these warts. It crouches, frog-like on thighs as thick as tree trunks. Long toes grip the ground. It’s arms are very long, thin and wiry, and each of it’s six fingers is tipped with a two inch claw. Leathery, wart covered wings jut out of it’s back, and a long tail lashes back and forth, a large body protrusion at the end of it that looks as it were designed to crush skulls. Atop it’s long, snakelike neck, it’s head swivels back and forth, eyes blinking independently as it takes in the scene. With comes an oppressive odor reminiscent of a dung beetle sweating old cheese. It screams a deafening battle cry that sounds like a panther being flayed alive. The sound is like nothing from this world or any other the party has ever considered, and the sound turns their knees to jelly. Then, in an incredible rush of speed and power, it springs forward and launches itself directly at Tomas. The ceiling keeps it forced low, but even so its forward momentum is impressive. The first swipe to Tomas is a claw attack that is intent on tearing his face from his body. Instead, the beast catches the wall in the room. Its claws gets snagged within the wood and a claw rips from its hand, arresting its forward momentum. The beast howls in pain. Tomas staggers back from it as it recovers, distancing himself from the monstrosity, face pale.

Pod begins to cast, while Rorek and Chickens charge the beast. To Chickens’ surprise, Headspasher feels much lighter than usual, and he finds he is able to wield the warhammer one handed. Chickens and Rorek charge in, hammer and axe swinging. The creature is hunched over, and an easy target. But Rorek’s axe never gets through its hide. Headsplasher makes a mighty thump, but the beast never reacts. Its entire focus is upon Tomas, who is struggling to get a spell to come to mind. Pod finishes casting, and four blue-white balls of mystic energy streak across the enclosed space, and slam into the beast. As they sink into its hide, its skin ripples around them, like pebbles in a sludgy pond. It shrieks in rage and pain, and swivels its head towards Pod…who notices that all three eyes are a different color as it glares hatred at him.

To the side, Cues quietly casts Shield in front of himself.

The creature’s gaze lingers on Pod,but it seems to be drawn back to Tomas. Still hunched over, back against the ceiling, it again rushes him with a savagery of hateful violence. Its left arm slashes forward, and two inch claws slash through Tomas’ chest, ripping most of his robe from his upper body, and exposing ribs. Before Tomas can fall back from the blow, its other arm rips across right behind it, and opens Tomas’ left arm from shoulder to elbow. The blueish robe sleeve is instantly torn apart, and soaked with blood and pieces of muscle. As its hands find the ground again, its snake neck strikes forward nearly faster than the eye can follow, gripping firmly upon Tomas’ head, and savagely shaking him side to side. Tomas flails about like a rag doll hanging from its nightmarish mouth.

Russellbob, still outside the house, hears the commotion and rushes back to the front door to see what’s going on. Looking in, down the hall way he can see the monstrosity’s back and tail. Rorek and Chickens are to the right side of it, attacking with axe and warhammer. Russellbob notes that Chickens is now able to wield Headsplasher one-handed.

Again, Rorek, spittle flying into his beard, roars a challenge at the beast and swings his axe. Again, the axe strikes its body, but glances off of its hide.

Pod again casts Magic Missile. The lighted projectiles slam once more into the beast, sending its skin rippling like thick sludge. It leaves red burn marks where they enter. It drops Tomas, who falls to the floor bonelessly, and shrieks in rage. The sound is deafening, and its head swivels to Podmidor. Its gaze is heavy with the promise of pain and murder to come.

Cues, whose balls grew three sizes that day, steps in front of Pod to try to help cover him behind the Shield spell. The beast is glaring at Pod…and then Cues as well with its three discolored eyes…and yet it seems to be pulled against its will back to Tomas, who is lying on the ground before it. Again the merciless savagery commences.

It falls over Tomas like a dervish of seething hatred, as if it’s in a hurry to get to something else. Tomas’ left arm, ravaged only seconds ago, is ripped from his body with a tear and a SNAP and flies to the side, bouncing off of Cues’ Shield spell. The beast then seizes Tomas’ right leg in its mouth, and the sound of Rice Krispies being walked on fills the room as its jaw crush the bones of his leg. Its other arm digs its claws into his face. With a quick burst of power, Tomas’ head is ripped from his body as the leg and head are pulled in opposite directions. Blood floods across the creature and the floor. Tomas’ head is stuck on its claws and remains there, forgotten.

Russellbob, from the front door, draws upon himself to use his innate ability to cast Confusion upon the beast. For a second, its limbs start to go limp, then it shakes itself off, and there is no other noticable effect. Taking advantage of the situation, Chickens swings Headsplasher at its head as hard as he can manage. The motion is caught from the periphery of its vision, and it snaps its head to the side. Headsplasher scrapes by its head, and sends splinters from the floor flying in all directions with a mighty CRUNCH. Chickens focuses all his rage at it, and brings the hammer from the side in another attempt. The beast’s pulls its neck back with the speed of a snake in the desert, and Headsplasher again goes by harmlessly.

It twists away from Chickens, and ignores Rorek, choosing to rush him right over to get to Pod, who is casting. The beast launches itself forward in a blur of fury, promising death…but it never reaches him There is again a sudden collapse of mist with a horrible foul odor of rot, and then only Rorek, who stumbles back into Cues’ Shield. The mist billows right past Cues, Rorek and Podmidor, carried on by the creature’s momentum. Tomas’ head rolls harmlessly past them and bumps into the wall. It comes to rest lying on its side with its punctured ruin of a face aimed toward the center of the room. Pods missles streak into the air where the creature had been and harmlessly dissipate.

Annnd then the inter-party drama begins. Cues absconds Tomas’ pack. Chickens walks out the front door past Russellbob and sits in the front yard, unmoving. Froderick, Shaghorn and Turqeel come down the yardroad, and see Chickens sitting morosely. It doesn’t take long to get the gist of what happened, and Froderick, Shaghorn and Turqeel rush inside. Froderick gathers up Tomas’ severed head and arm, and the group carries Tomas body outside. Pod sits down to rest and reflect on the incident. Froderick takes Turqeel’s shovel and starts to dig a grave while Cues searches for an appropriate grave marker. Turqeel sees that Tomas is to be buried with a dagger still on his hip, and bends down to remove it. Froderick notices, and BEATS TURQEEL IN THE HEAD WITH THE SHOVEL. Froderick takes the dagger and runs Turqeel off, who goes into the house with his head dripping blood. Shaghorn goes back outside to try to talk to Chickens as Froderick continues to dig a grave for Tomas. Rorek leans against the back of the house, watching.


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